Welcome to Off Motorway, the vegetarian guide to finding good, healthy food while travelling round Britain by motorway.


It's important to take good breaks while driving, but vegetarian and healthy food is not easy to find at motorway service stations.  So get off the motorway and seek out wayside inns, tea rooms, coffee shops and top class restaurants.


Prepare your stops in advance, or print the pages and break as the mood takes you!


Or even bring a picnic.  The motorway pages have some suggestions for stops, so check out the Picnic Page for exciting vegetarian recipes and ideas.  There's new stuff every month!


This site is a way of sharing your finds with others, so please recommend anywhere you find which goes that extra mile!  And why not visit our Bookshop for great cookbooks, as well as holiday and travel ideas? 


For more recipes, restaurant reviews and travel articles visit the offmotorway blog here.


Anne O'Connell, OffMotorway's reviewer has a book out, Early Vegetarian Recipes which contains a large collection of recipes from as early as 1690, right up to 1914.  As well as a fascinating look at the food of vegetarians from ages past, it contains plenty of inspiration for today's cook and even ideas for food while travelling.  See the book's website here.









Off Motorway is written by Anne O'Connell.